Isaac and Renae
Our Wishing Well

We cannot wait to be Mr. and Mrs.
but we are slightly overwhelmed with towels and dishes.
As we stand and promise our love to each other
hopefully, it makes everyone's heart flutter.

We have taken this big step to preserve our vows in time
with much bigger and better plans in mind.
We would like to buy a house and fill it with babies
yes we know, you may think we are crazy.

In lieu of gifts, from the store, they sell
we would like to introduce our wishing well.
Drop-in a gift of money during or after dinner
And make a wish quietly, for you or the brand new Mrs. and Mr.

Any gift at all will have our hearts dropping
But if you would like to give a gift, that doesn't require shopping
We have lots of dreams we would like to pursue
Please know our wishing well is an option too!