Brooke Emig
Maid of Honor

Brooke and Renae met while working at Bath and Body Works in 2014. They clicked right away and became the closest of friends, bonding over family, friends, and soap. Some of their favorite memories are trips to Florida with the Luckenbaugh family and long nights talking through the ups and downs of life. Renae loves Brooke so much because of her love, devotion, and compassion for everyone she meets.

Hannah Thomas
Bridesmaid and Sister of the Groom

Hannah is the oh so cute and charming sister of the groom. Hannah and Renae bonded tightly together while spending the summer together in Naples, Florida. They have lots of great memories working in the pizza shop and rescuing Hannah's brand new kitty, Rhett. Growing together, just as sisters do, Hannah and Renae connected and found family in each other in the best of ways. Hannah is one of the kindest and most bubbly people you will ever meet!

Sarah Badger

Sarah and Renae met at Renae's newest adventure as a teacher at Gulf Coast Charter Academy South in Naples Florida. Sarah and Renae connected immediately over shared experiences and a love for the kids they teach every day. Renae and Isaac love watching Sarah and her husband James perform at local restaurants and breweries. Sarah is a beautiful singer and a wonderful mentor and friend to Renae.

Hayley Dryden

Haley and Renae met in Ocean City, MD. Haley and Renae became close as sets of couples do since Haley's boyfriend, DR, is one of Isaac's closest friends. Haley and DR are always there for Isaac and Renae. They are the first to drop everything to meet them when in town or the first to chime in when something great happens. Renae values Haley's friendship because Haley is one of the most genuine, loyal friends you could ever meet, even after a short friendship.

Amanda Escolarte

Amanda is the god-sister of the bride, Renae. Amanda and Renae have been running around together since they were babies. For years, Amanda babysat Renae and her brother, Nate. Amanda and Renae are sisters by heart. This beautiful woman is the mother Renae aspires to be and a role model she always looked up to.

Alesha Gavlock
Alesha is one of Isaac's cousins. Renae and Alesha met early on in Isaac and Renae's relationship. Alesha's sense of family is overwhelming and she made Renae feel at home from the very start. Alesha and her family have been close with the Thomas family from a very young age and Isaac and Renae are so happy to have her as a part of this special day!
Matthew Slomba
Best Man

Matt, better known as Slomba, is one of Isaac's closest friends from his time in Ocean City Beach Patrol. Slomba and Isaac met in 2015 after a long night of fun and excitement. Isaac's fondest memories of his friendship with Slomba are hanging out on the sailboat and just relaxing in the summer sun. Slomba's soul lives on the water and there's always a faint sound of steel drums when he enters a room.

Robert Johnson

Robert, better known as Bobby, is yet another best friend from Isaac's time during Ocean City Beach Patrol. Isaac and Bobby met in 2015 during which time Bobby and Isaac were roommates. Probably most recognizable for his free spirit, Bobby is always there to share a laugh. Renae met Bobby when she first moved into Isaac's condo in Ocean City before they were dating. Renae, Isaac, and Bobby proudly refer to themselves as the original roommates.

Grayson Sipes

Isaac and Grayson met during Isaacs's first year on Ocean City Beach Patrol in 2014. They were in the same beach patrol crew every year during their time in beach patrol and even retired the same year. Isaac remembers their trips to Baltimore and having a great time around the city, where Grayson is from.

Donald Medtart

Donald, better known as DR, met Isaac in Ocean City Beach Patrol in 2017. As beach patrol guards do, Isaac and DR ate, breathed, and lived the Ocean City beach for two years together. From crew competitions to beach patrol parties the two meshed together seamlessly. As Renae and Isaac grew in their relationship, DR and his girlfriend Hayley Dryden, of the bridesmaids, were two of the closest and most loyal "couple" friends that the two of them could ask for. 

Tyler Carlin

Tyler and Isaac met in 2012 during an afternoon tubing down the Bald Eagle creek. Many of Isaac's favorite stories from home start and end with Tyler. After a rocky beginning to their friendship that they love to reminisce about, they soon found that they were perfect friends. Tyler's sense of humor always has the entire room laughing and his loyalty to his friends is unforgetable.

Isaiah Hahn

Isaiah and Isaac met as teenagers in Bellefonte, PA. They grew up together lifting at the gym and hanging out at camp. They would spend tons of time at camp including the time they got the car stuck in a snowstorm and had to hike two miles into camp through a foot and a half of snow. Isaiah's loyalty and friendship to Isaac is irreplaceable.

Caleb Thomas
Groomsman and Brother of the Groom

Caleb and Isaac are the two adventure-loving brothers of the Thomas family. Isaac has so many fun and exciting memories of his brother. They did everything together growing up. When Caleb moved to New York City for law school, Isaac was right there with him.

Nathaniel Luckenbaugh
Groomsman and Brother of the Bride

Nathaniel, better known as Nate, is the brother of the bride. Isaac and Nate bonded right off the bat. Nate's love for a great time and a great story fit right in with Isaac. Nate quickly welcomed Isaac, knowing he was a great fit for the Luckenbaugh family. Nate and Renae have been close from a young age and Renae couldn't be happier to have her brother by her side on her special day.